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What is the turn around time for resumes and cover letters?

Resume and cover letter drafts are returned within 12-14 business days. (This does not include weekends or holidays.)  A non-refundable deposit is required before starting any service with remaining payment due immediately upon completion. 

What do you mean by 'Start Price'?

The start price refers to the minimum total of your order. Prices vary based on the number of roles added to your document, as this can increase work time.

What happens after I pay my deposit?

After you submit a deposit, you will send your most recent resume to, as well as the types of roles that you will be applying for. If any additional information is needed, someone from the Prime Communications team will reach out to you.

Am I allowed edits after receiving the draft?

Yes. After receiving your draft, you are allowed two edits to ensure that your documents are as exactly as you would like. However, once the final draft is sent, any additional edits requested will be an additional charge.

What is the difference in a standard and professional resume?

A standard resume is for entry-level positions and those recently entering the job market. A professional resume is for those who have at least five years of experience and/or have held 4 or more positions

What if I am interested in a service that is not listed?

As mentioned, Prime is here to fulfill all of your communication needs. If there is a service that is not listed on the site, please fill out the form, including as much detail as possible, and you will be contacted regarding your request.

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